Andro Hexer Pips+ Table Tennis & Ping Pong Rubber, Choose Your Color & Thickness

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HEXER PIPS+ accommodates players’ demands for a pips-out rubber that acts mistake-forgivingly without ignoring that every player relies on certain power reserves to win points on his own.

This fourth generation TENSOR rubber provides you with a very comfortable feeling when you smash and hit which is caused by the soft sponge made of 100% natural rubber and the narrow pips.

It offers you a stable feedback for passive strokes while the huge power reserves can be activated at any time in an easy way.

The very special feature of HEXER PIPS+ is the option to choose between a lengthwise and a crosswise pip geometry (ECLECTIC PERFORMANCE).

By choosing one of those geometries you can decide on your own which characteristic you prefer to put your focus on: gentle control or non-stop aggressiveness!

Rubber type: Short pips