DHS Tinarc 5 Soft Table Tennis and Ping Pong Rubber, Choose Color and Thickness

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Tinarc 5 with softer sponge. TinArc 5 combines both great feeling with elasticity allowing for powerful stroke execution.

TinArc 5 rubber allows the ball to rebound rapidly with a soft sponge and a highly elastic top sheet, ideal for feel with quick loops, ball handling near the net, or off-court play.

This outstanding elastic rubber with thicker pimple design beneath the top sheet enables strong power with minimal effort.

The new sponge also uses MACRO-CELL & High-Elasticity Particle Osmosis technology, providing powerful attacking capabilities.

TinArc 5 is specially designed to enhance the speed of 40+ celluloid-free T.T. balls and is suitable for continuous offensive play.