Donic Piranja Table Tennis & Ping Pong Rubber, Pick Color & Thickness, Authentic

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The technic defense rubber. Classic defenders are a rarity nowadays and it`s becoming more difficult for them to find the right equipment.

All this changed when DONIC introduced their Formula DONIC technology into a long pimpled rubber.

DONIC Piranja Formula Tec is soft, very elastic, with excellent gripping qualities.

The DONIC Piranja Formula Tec enables the player to impart far more backspin against topspin than has been possible with other current rubber technology.

The pimples are faster because of their inbuilt "speed glue" effect, ensuring more accurate blocking, counter-attacking and variations of spin with considerable control.

DONIC Piranja Formula Tec is the best weapon for the technically gifted classic defender, particularly effective in combination with DONIC`s modern sponge rubbers.