Mizuno Fortius FT Light Table Tennis & Ping Pong Blade, Choose Your Handle Type

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The Fortius blade series, developed by the Japanese manufacturer Mizuno, is a milestone in the section of offensive wood blades.

The Fortius FT Light is the third blade of the eponymous series. As the name already implies, this is one of Fortius‘ lighter models.

The Fortius FT Light weighs less then 90g, making it approx. 3–5g lighter than the Fortius FT.

The seven-ply wood blade provides exceptional workmanship and excellent playing properties.

Even though Mizuno has rated both blades as OFF blades, the Fortius FT light seems a little bit slower, softer and more controlled.

The veneer structure of both blades also looks slightly different.

Even though the general veneer structures of the Fortius FT and the Fortius FT Light are identical, the core veneer and two other veneers look slightly burnt in the Fortius FT Light – at least they seem considerably darker when compared to the Fortius FT.

The handle (only the concave version) is also slightly narrower than in the Fortius FT.

This blade is ideally suited for offensive topspin players seeking a perfect balance between sufficient power and good control.

During topspin-topspin duels, the Fortius FT Light offers an excellent touch.

From mid-distance, too, it allows for forceful shots.

When serving and returning as well as during passive blocking, the slightly lower speed ensures better control when compared to the Fortius FT.

Number of Layers: 7
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type: OFF
thickness (mm): 5.9