Mizuno Fortius FT5 Table Tennis & Ping Pong Blade, Authentic, Choose Handle Type

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The Fortius FT5 has a classic five ply structure as opposed to the original FT which is seven plies.

As a result, the Fortius FT5 is slower and can be classified as an Off-/Off blade.

The blade is ideal for players seeking power when playing without sacrificing too much control.

The blade is very well balanced and provides these characteristics.

The handle is well contoured and rests in the hand well. This medium-hard blade pairs well with a large variety of rubbers from hard to soft.

Compared to blades such as the Primorac OFF-, which have a similar structure, the Fortius FT5 is slightly faster and more vigorous.

Number of Layers: 5
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type: OFF-
thickness (mm): 6.4