Spinlord First Strike II Table Tennis & Ping Pong Blade, Choose Your Handle Type

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The spin Lord First Strike is the slower version of the SpinLord Ultra Balsa.

The ball feeling of the First Strike is medium hard and unlike many other balsa blades very harmonious, not "tinny.

The distinctive sound during the stroke helps the player to find the optimum hitting area.

The secret of this wood is the special selection of the 5.5 mm thick Balsa core.

Different varieties of this wood offer very different playing characteristics. Spinlord has managed to find the best quality of balsa wood.

The outer veneers are made from Koto.

The handle is made of hard solid balsa. All types of handles will perfectly suit your hand.

The size of the blade head is approximately 155 x 152 mm.

Total thickness is around 7.5 mm.

We recommend combining this blade with softer rubbers for a European playing style.

The hard rubbers and short pimples are very good option for blocking close to the table.

The SpinLord First Strike is robust blade despite the soft balsa core.

Number of Layers: 5
approximate weight (g) : 70
Blade Type: OFF+
thickness (mm): 7.5