Spinlord Marder III Table Tennis & Ping Pong Rubber, Choose Color and Thickness

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The SpinLord Marder III is a byproduct of the development of the Irbis rubber abd it combines the developed for the Irbis sponge with strong built-in speed glue effect with the (still identical) top sheet of Marder.

The Marder III achieved thus not quite the pace of the Irbis, but is due to the sticky rubber surface even stronger effect.

Not quite as fast as the Irbis is still much faster than the Marder II, benefiting in particular the game from half-distance. In addition, the Marder III also softer than the Marter II It might be that the durability of the Marder III is slightly less than that of Marder II, this could not be tested, however.

Rubber type: Inverted