Spinlord Ultra Spin Table Tennis & Ping Pong Blade, Authentic, Pick Handle Type

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The Ultra Spin is the best All + / OFF-blade without balsa and without carbon in Spinlord assortment. This would be the optimum choice for players who prefer a variable, spin-heavy style of play.

The Ultra Spin is slightly head-heavy and relatively stiff.

The size of the playing surface is around 155 x 152 mm.

The outer plies are made of the koto, the core ply from ayous wood and inner plies from birch.

The great advantage of this wood is the high spin values, which are easier to reach in combination with European type rubbers.

This blade is too fast for the ultimate passive game.

The handle has a foam end to make the grip more convenient.

Number of Layers: 5
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type: OFF-
thickness (mm): 6