Tibhar Hybrid K1 Plus Table Tennis & Ping Pong Rubber, Choose Color & Thickness

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After the seeing that the Hybrid K1 one was becoming very popular, Tibhar created the next version, the Hybrid K1 Plus. Like the K1, the K1 Plus is a rubber The Hybrid K1 is a rubber developed by Tibhar for the Chinese playing style.

It is the among the first Tibhar rubbers to be produced specially for the Chinese market.

Tibhar created an extremely catchy, sticky topsheet, similar to Chinese rubbers.

The topsheet is as good as the best Chinese rubbers and the sponge has a strong booster effect straight from the factory.

This rubber offers great elasticity and thus, compared to classic Chinese rubbers, more acceleration and speed without boosting.

Unlike the K1, the K1 Plus has a harder sponge, allowing you to hit the ball with greater strength and create greater speed without losing control.

With this rubber, you will be assured stable flight curves which are difficult for your opponents to receive.

The K1 Plus can be used for both offensive and defensive play.

Boosters can be used to further improve the play characteristics of all K series rubbers.

Rubber type: Inverted