TSP Agrit Speed Table Tennis & Ping Pong Rubber, Choose Your Color and Thickness

TSP Agrit Speed Table Tennis & Ping Pong Rubber, Choose Your Color and Thickness

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New speed version of the recently developed Japanese rubber TSP Agrit Dynamic Tension technology and the harder sponge provides perfect speed effective energy transformation, even when hitting the hardest offensive shots.

Top quality Made in Japan.

TSP Agrit Speed is the new high-end product with integrated Dynamic Tension technology for all-out offensive players.

Compared to the regular Agrit the new somewhat harder Made in Japan sponge with the Dynamic Tension technology provides a never before experienced spin- and speed feeling.

Agrit Speed is conceived for players who are playing an all-out topspin game and who need maximum speed by every shot. The energy transformation has been optimized, that means even the energy of the toughest balls can be converted into speed and rotation.

TSP Agrit Speed - Quality Made in Japan.

Sponge - Medium + Dynamic Tension Explained.

Dynamic Tension is a speed glue effect rubber of a new generation. The new development stands for maximum speed, extreme rotation and an unbelievable catapult effect.

The new sponge structure and the special glueing technique enlarge the contact time between ball and rubber during the topspin.

The ball gets noticeably more catapult effect and you will feel a new speed-dimension.

The special speed-feeling makes "Dynamic Tension" technology a real weapon for modern offensive players.