Xiom Diva Table Tennis and Ping Pong Blade, Choose Your Handle Type, Authentic!

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DIVA aimed the optimal feel and performance for easy and pleasant table tennis.

It is a 5-ply offensive blade of medium speed. But, due to its high level of energy efficiency, it shows higher speed than expected when players use offensive techniques such as topspin.

The thickness of 5.7 mm and selected hardwood of top layer maximizes the feel on hand, but sophisticated construction reduces unnecessary residual vibration.

Overall feel is slightly sharp, but soft. This provides excellent stability that can satisfy all level of players.

Though a player don't have high level of skill, he/she will be able to enjoy table tennis with DIVA.

DIVA also makes good combination with new "Hyper Elasto" rubbers such as VEGA series. Especially VEGA PRO will provide astonishing power.

Number of Layers: 5
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type: OFF-
thickness (mm): 5.7